About Us

Mobilize Faith is a technology startup based in Great Falls, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC. We are a small team of dedicated Christians first, technologists second. Bringing the two together gave birth to Bible Memory, an app for the iPhone and iPod touch . We believe that mobile technology can be harnessed to provide tools for anyone seeking to follow a God-led Christian lifestyle. Mobilize Faith is committed to bringing products to the Faith-based marketplace that are imaginative, effective, fairly priced and of the highest quality possible.

Our History

The idea for Bible Memory came to us while attending McLean Bible Church and listening to our Pastor Lon Solomon speaking of the virtues and importance of memorizing scripture. He challenged the congregation to memorize one verse a week for the rest of 2009. We were excited to get started but realistic about being able to stay committed for the long term. When we got home, my husband and I began thinking about how we would memorize our verses. We were still on fire after that morning’s call to action and out came the index cards and Sharpies. Two index cards later we began to wonder whether there was a better and less archaic way to memorize scripture. We had each gone the index card route years ago and remembered the process as cumbersome and difficult. It was at this point that we thought of creating a mobile app that would make memorizing scripture easier, more effective and fun on top of it.

Managing Partner, Petra Barrientos

My husband and I founded Mobilize Faith, LLC in the summer of 2009. Acting as managing partner has allowed me to kick my entrepreneurial side back into gear while at the same time serving the three Fs that are truly important to me: Faith, Family, and Friends.

Bible Memory Overview

Bible Memory offers a full system to help you memorize the Word of God. With notifications, an accountability system, and review quizzes, Bible Memory gives you the best opportunity to succeed and retain what you have memorized. You may also find yourself being an encouragement to someone else!